A part of the Windward Islands and situated close to the islands of Martinique and St. Vincent in the Atlantic Ocean, is this Caribbean country of Saint Lucia, which is named after the Roman Catholic saint, St. Lucy. This island is famous for its 2 volcanic mountain caps – “The Pitons” based in, what is now, a World Heritage Site. Also, it boasts the world’s only drive-in volcano. The weather is typical for a Caribbean island. The tropical climate is moderated by northeast trade winds that allow for pleasant year-round conditions. The islands main export is bananas, but they also export beer and petroleum oils. However, tourism is very important to the St. Lucian economy with many visitors arriving on the island from cruise ships.

    The country is a member of the British Commonwealth and of the United Nations and the legal system in St. Lucia is well respected and is based on English law. Its currency is pegged to the US dollar. The official language is English, however, 95% of the population speaks a French dialect – Saint Lucian Creole French. St Lucia is a member of the WTO, African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, Association of Caribbean States, Caribbean Community, Non-Aligned Movement, Organization Internationale de la Francophonie, Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States and the Organization of American States. The island also hosts the headquarters of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

    A Few Facts about the Country

    Total Area
    617 sq. km
    Eastern Caribbean Dollar
    English & Creole French
    Ethnic Groups
    Ethnic Groups: White, Black, Mixed, Others
    Exchange Rate
    (as of August 2015): US$ 1.00 = 2.70 EC$

    Why St. Lucia – Benefits of Citizenship

    • Citizenship for life, including an unlimited number of eligible dependents, passed down to generations and newborns (applicants do not require to visit or reside on the island)
    • Passports are issued in approximately 3 – 4 Months of filing an application
    • Generous tax regime – no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income or capital gains tax
    • A favourable business development environment with the currency being pegged to the dollar.
    • Visa Free/or on arrival Travel to over 120+ countries including: United Kingdom, All of Schengen, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Turkey and many others.
    • Full residency status and the right to work and live in Dominica.
    • Dual citizenship is permitted and open to all nationalities without the requirement of renouncing your current nationality/citizenship.
    • Family security is ensured as the spouse, children and elderly parents will also obtain citizenship
    • Economically legally and socially stable country which is part of the Commonwealth with democracy based on British parliamentary system.

    Citizenship by Investment in St. Lucia is provided through

    The National Economic Fund (Non-Refundable Contribution):

    A Non-Refundable Contribution as Follows is required:

    • US$ 100,000.00 for A Single Applicant
    • US$ 165,000.00 for an Applicant and his/her Spouse
    • US$ 190,000.00 for an Applicant with his/her Spouse and 2 qualifying dependents
    • US$ 25,000 is payable for any Additional qualifying dependent

    In addition to the Donation Amount, the following fees are applicable:

    Due Diligence Fees:

    • US$ 7,500 for the main applicant
    • US$ 5,000 for Each Qualifying Dependent above the age of 16.

    Government Processing Fee:

    • US$ 2,000 For the main Applicant
    • US$ 1,000 For Each Qualifying Dependent

    Passport and Citizenship Certificate Fee:

    • US$ 130 per person.

    National Insurance Number Fees:

    • US$ 500 for Each qualifying applicant above the age of 16.

    Legal and Professional Fee:

    • Subjected to the number of dependents and varies from case to case. A detailed quotation will be provided upon request.

    Easy Steps to Obtain Your Citizenship and Passport:


    Pre-screen your passport copy for Government pre-approval to ensure fast processing.
    The Initial payment will be required to start the application.
    Document collection and Review


    Submission of duly filled Application forms to St. Lucia.


    Due diligence report is issued to the Government. Based on the report the Government makes its decision on your Citizenship application.


    Once accepted you are invited to pay the National Economic Fund contribution amount in to the relevant escrow account.


    A certificate of naturalization (citizenship certificate) and passport will be issued in your name and couriered to our office in Dubai or to an address as instructed by the investor.