Grenada: A Passport to Paradise


    Grenada is a sovereign state in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea. It is often referred to as the Caribbean’s Spice Island due to the wide variety of spices that are grown on the island. It also happens to provide one of the Caribbean’s best and most exclusive programmes offering citizenship by investment. To learn more about Grenada and its people, economy, and history please see here.

    There are numerous benefits to having a second home-country and passport, the most important of which are international freedom of movement and tax efficiencies. For a full, in-depth look at the many benefits of a second passport please click here. <Link to Article>

    Why Grenada?

    While providing a route to citizenship through investment, Grenada also recognizes dual citizenship, which means that you can retain your existing passport while enjoying all the benefits that a Grenadian passport offers.

    Here is a list of the many benefits of obtaining Grenadian Citizenship through investment:

    • Visa-free travel to over 125 countries, including the UK, Schengen Area, China and many more.
    • E2-Visa treaty – Allows Grenadian Citizens to apply for an E2 VISA and reside in the USA.
    • No requirement for residency – You do not have to be a resident in Grenada for any duration of time to obtain the citizenship.
    • No requirement to travel to Grenada – You do not need to visit Grenada to make your application or at any time during the process.
    • No interview required – You will not be required to face any interviews.
    • No tax on worldwide income.
    • Dependent children included – Children under 30 or children who are physically or mentally challenged and living with and fully supported by the main applicant are included and allowed.
    • Dependent parents over 55 are included and allowed.
    • Allowance for the Inclusion of an unmarried sibling of the main applicant who is at least 18 years of age.


    Qualifications Required for Obtaining Citizenship in Grenada

    All applicants must;

    • Be of outstanding character.
    • Have no criminal record.
    • Be healthy.
    • Be financially independent

    Routes to Citizenship by Investment

    There are two primary routes to citizenship in Grenada.

    Contribution to the Government of Grenada: the 1st and nominally economical option is through an irrevocable contribution to the National Transformation Fund of Grenada. The donation amount varies on the structure of the application whether single or a family. Other fees and charges will also apply. A table of charges is included below for reference.

    Investment in Government Approved Real Estate Projects: The 2nd option is through an investment of USD 220,000 or more in a Government approved real estate project. While more expensive than the first option, this route allows you to retain your funds in the form of a real estate investment. This investment can then be liquidated if necessary, after the mandatory Government regulated hold period. Other fees and charges will also apply. A table for these charges is included below for reference.


    A table of costs as stipulated by the Government of Grenada is included below. Please note that further to the mentioned mandatory fees, additional charges may be applicable depending on the solicitors and or authorized agents commissioned by the individual/family to compile and submit the file to the government’s CBI unit for processing.

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